Saturday, February 16, 2013

One Direction, Larry Stylinson nude cumshots: Louis Tomlinson finds out Harry Styles has uncontrollable cum shots

One Direction lovers Louis and Harry aka Larry Stylinson, decided to have some fun in the afternoon, And since Harry has not bottomed for Louis before, they thought it was time Harry sat on Louis' dick.

Harry hasn't had a wank in a few days, so he was really horny so when Louis stuck his dick up Harry and rubbed his anal g-spot, that made Harry wild.
As Louis was jerking off Harry's cock and Harry was bouncing on Louis' dick.
Louis throbbing cock and the horny build up was too much for Harry and Harry went off like fireworks, shooting ropes of cum and huge loads.
And cuz Harry's cock was so hard and tensed, it shot the cum like a cannon, right up on Louis' face and dripped down Louis' chest.
The rest of the cum dribbled out of Harry's cock and on Louis' fingers and on his balls.
Louis than tugged Harry's cock a few more times to get the last few drops of cum before letting Harry lick his fingers clean, and they both shared a kiss.

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